Holistic Life Psychology

Supporting you to make real and lasting change towards the life you wish to live

Time to breathe…
Time to be you.

We live busy lives. We juggle our time between work, family and wellbeing. Our persona to the outside world can be one of coping and success. But if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or confused, I can help. Over 35 years of helping people, I have seen repeatedly how people can become overwhelmed by life’s challenges, but how wounds can be healed and life can become enriched and meaningful.

I am a highly skilled psychologist, working from a unique holistic and compassionate perspective. More than just a listening ear, I offer you the opportunity to explore your self and your life at depth, bringing greater insight and awareness.

Sometimes we don’t know what’s wrong, we just feel things aren’t right.

  • Your mind goes round and round and still can’t work it out
  • You know you are ready to make change – if not now when
  • You feel happy, but dissatisfied; you have goals, but feel unmotivated
  • You feel stuck
  • You want to be heard and be you
  • Sometimes we have to look back to go forward in life

Together we can make sense of what is going on for you.

Sometimes we know why we need help

  • You are going through one of life’s transitions:
  • divorce, menopause, career change, education choices, marriage, maternity,
    loss, retirement, burnout…
  • Life has thrown you lemons and you need to deal with what’s happened
  • You need to share things never shared with anyone else
  • You have important decisions to make that will affect your life plan
  • You may be struggling with how best to support your young adult
  • You want to build relationships with your partner, friends or family

I couldn’t recommend Linda more highly. She’s real – an authentic, compassionate and honest expert in her field. Linda listens and responds to the real challenge and issue. She is not afraid to say it how it is but in an empowering way. Linda is passionate and energetic; professional and skilled.

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